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USB-C Power Delivery 18W Ladegerät

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Power Delivery - new Standard of charging
Thanks to the new version of the USB-C port, it has become possible to transfer more power through the most popular standard on the market. Now it is possible to load our smartphones and other devices faster. With the same charger, you can power your phone, tablet and laptop! The Green Cell USB-C 18W Charger is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets and smaller laptops.

What devices do you use the Green Cell USB-C 18W Charger for?
The adapter fits all devices with USB-C ports with a power consumption of up to 60 W and with the USB-C cable for Lightning also for iPhones and iPads. Due to its performance, the charger is mainly intended for phones, tablets and smaller laptops. The most popular devices with USB-C port and / or supporting power delivery technology, for which this model is intended: MacBook Pro 13, Asus ZenBook, HP Specter, Lenovo ThinkPad and others.



Maximale Sicherheit

Fast charging

Schnellladung QC 3.0

Versatile Compatibility


Advanced Security

Compatibile con i seguenti modelli dei dispositivi


Specifiche tecniche

Potenza 18W
Colore Nero
Garanzia 12 mesi
Produttore Green Cell
Dimensioni 53x53x28mm
Codice del prodotto CHAR07
Protezione da sovraccarico Si
Protezione da sovratensione Si
Protezione surriscaldamento Si


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